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22. Tour by Mark Geyer for Salesforce UX D

It is really an onboarding tour concept for Salesforce1. You could swipe with the tour in the pace of the choice before diving in to the application. The animations are simply as impressive using the other apps for auction on their list.

loading animation

It is really an Ironman-ispired application

23. Loading Animation by Nicolas Girard

Unbelievable animations that merely awe. Nicolas produced it for Commongood.TV. Ironman-inspired? Hmmm…


Save, retrieve, and access images easily with this particular application

Web Developer
Web Developer

24. Photo Navigation Concept by Chapps

This application is dependant on the notion that, in a couple of clicks, the consumer can already obtain the necessary images which have been added and tagged earlier. With only one touch, you may choose the course that you would like or need. The entire process is similar to a picture explore a desktop, only to control your emotions inside a mobile phone.


An excellent concept fo a repayment card

25. Fiche Workflow Payment by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

This really is certainly an attractive application. An excellent concept for any payment card, indeed!


A roadmap application having a refreshing design and concept

26. Map Pin Bubble by Ben Cline for RALLY

Oh, the secondary bubble simply look clever. Commenters think of it as ‘design with life’, because of its riveting animation. This application utilizes Map Box API. Undoubtedly, it’s a refreshingly unique method of iOS map callouts.


As well as simple – it is exactly what this application is about

27. Menu (Animation) by Nest

You’ll surely love the neatness and ease of the application. Its transitions are merely awesome. Everything relating to this application is performed in AE.

first shot

The look and color scheme utilized in this application shout simplicity and fun

28. First Shot by Plady

Another application that oozes not just by having an impressive concept but great animation, too.