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2K Medical Application is a nicely respected developer of consumer medical software developer .  Their modern offerings possess the potential to streamline healthcare office processes, saving some time and payroll hours against other kinds of patient details entering and other administrative duties.
Redondo Seaside, California, February 7 – Today, 2K Medical Application has announced the imminent launch of Medisoft 14.  The Medisoft system may be hailed because the best software developer for the medical workplace and allows the management of all patient information, integration of current information and even more.
Medisoft version 14 is going to be offered at a 15% low cost for upgrading customers, allowing a lot more savings. New functions in Medisoft 14 range from the power to enter new patient details 5 times quicker than other strategies, the opportunity to customize data entry fields on one non-tabbed page and even more.  software developer 14 medical application also provides import/export of current data, entry to the insurance plan company file with the Power Tools setting and Worldwide Conversion to help billing services and multiple methods faster data sales.

software developer
software developer

Moreover, providers can entry the patient file and transaction while entering payments and collections. The enhanced Dashboard offers views of currently logged in customers, Totals for states, accounts receivables, appointments, repayments, and statements for any given date variety, trending charts and graphs, and warnings.  software developer Malaysia 14 now helps UB-04 paper claims and 8 diagnosis codes.
Furthermore, Medisoft 14 is totally able to integration and entry through 2KMobile Link application, allowing the provider to get into patient information, appointments, and arranging instantly, while from the office.
To get more details about Medisoft 14 or medical application, call 877-937-4406 or visit
About 2K Medical Application – 2K Medical software developer gives Medisoft 14 medical application which is ideally best for improve the operations associated with a medical office.  Moreover, the seamless integration using their mobile application, 2K Mobile Link give companies unsurpassed entry to vital information live.