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8. A Lot Of Options

Um, what?… A lot of options!

Um, what?…

A lot of options –

My mind hurts just searching only at that

A lot of choices –

Sorry reddit – way too many choices.

App Developer
App Developer

If there’s one factor Apples recent success has proven us, it’s that many people don’t care much about getting countless different choices to select from.

They need maybe a few fundamental choices at the best, then one that actually works. I’ve lost count of the amount of sites I’ve attended which try to sell me on the million and something various things, 99.99% which I do not want, as opposed to just presenting me with less options that we can really select from.

I do not need 50 different choices for website hosting, three or four different tiers is going to do me fine. I’d let them know that with the feedback form when they really had one… I know you’ve had people come your way with complaints such as this:

Which option will i need

What one really works best for me

What on the planet would be the variations together?

Solve it.


Make it simple.

You realize your users/customers/readers best. Evaluate which they need, and merely provide them with that. They honestly do not need countless different choices, and also the time spent customising for each last one of these simply isn’t worthwhile, and confuses the hell from most ordinary users, in addition to creating a very frustrating consumer experience.

9. Links, forms and buttons that do not work

You are able to crap out, but website won’t let you know the reason why you can’t continue – Numerous.

Form failures

The password (on register) that won’t work The unclickable calendar And also the least useful 404

Ah yes, that old favorite in the end that point filling out the feedback form, signup form etc., clicking the submit form and… Error, the shape is damaged. And guess what happens, we won’t save all of the data you simply joined, so you’d better come in again.