Web Design Malaysia

Web Design Malaysia

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The entire web design Malaysia is efficient like this, whilst supplying more particulars for anybody who desires them.


Geordie Wood

Ok, Geordie Wood’s portfolio is, to become perfectly honest, an useless mess. Have a glance and let me know in which the primary navigation is. No, it isn’t the arrow within the upper right. It’s revealed on hanging within the photographer’s name.

That mess aside, I really like using typography, and exactly how the written text stays on the top from the hover-images before you click on. I really like the way in which each photo is offered another ratio of white-colored space. It’s feels experimental, just a little unpredictable, such as the photography it’s revealing.

I really like that. (They still should fix that navigation, though.)


Mike Lord Flavin

So we keep getting experimental with Mike Lord Flavin’s portfolio. Also it type of needs to get experimental. In the end, he’s by using this site to showcase three major, and majorly different, skillsets.

Well, the mixture of asymmetry and parallax effects works incredibly well, here. (Yup, there it’s.)

Web Design Malaysia
Web Design Malaysia


Rental property Böhnke

Rental property Böhnke’s one-page poortfolio feels, initially, like much more of a collage than other things. I’d express web design Malaysia works best for them, despite, gasp, drop shadows. Okay, it truly is mayhem out here. As well as the content, this really is perfectly appropriate.


Jon Montenegro

Jon Monttenegro’s portfolio provides for us another decidedly minimalist one-page portfolio. That one concentrates at… people astounded by really lengthy lists? I am talking about ok, I’m really impressed. That’s lots of work done.

So, if anybody wants social proof, that’s one method to showcase. I simply wish he hadn’t used individuals clicking sounds whenever you hover on the link.



HOO KOO E KOO includes a name I do not even would like to try to state aloud since i just know I’ll go wrong. Additionally, it will get off and away to an excellent begin with what may be the most contemporary-feeling animated depiction of Pong that I’ve seen. Scrolling lower provides for us a general change in background color that never feels awkward, so that’s awesome too.


Humans & Machines

The portfolio for Humans & Machines leads us more asymmetry, more minimalism, more goodness.



Pilote’s portfolio presents their portfolio in only two photos. They showcase their print and graphics by zooming in on every product while you click on the menus. It’s a little “Flash-y”, but nonetheless fairly unique, as well as an interesting method of doing it.