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7. NSScreencast

Rubyists get their RailsCast. And ios developer have NSScreencast. It’s an excellent video-library resource that covers a lot of iOS programming subjects, from fundamental to advanced. You can study concerning the language, system frameworks, as well as free libraries like AFNetworking or RubyMotion. You choose if $9 monthly makes it worth while (spoiler alert: it’s).
8. Stack Overflow

This can be a non-tutorial site. The well-known Stack Overflow is really a Q&A spot for software designers, not for iOS designers only. Should you discovered an insect inside your code and do not know how to proceed, just type into Google “[yourbugconsole_output] stack overflow” and there’s roughly a 99.97% chance that somebody has requested the issue before on Stack Overflow And also got a solution! Otherwise, you are able to think about. Someone will have the ability to assist you to.

IOS Developer
IOS Developer

9. GitHub

GitHub is really a spot to share your code with others. You may create your repositories (private or public), access some good free frameworks (such as the ones by Netguru!) and collaborate with other people. Personally, I believe this is actually the best technique to accelerate your chance to learn. I’d never collaborated with other people before I became a member of Netguru, and today, after these 2 several weeks, my abilities have skyrocketed!

Another perk of utilizing GitHub is ios developer provides code backup (never worry again about losing your pc or hard disk) along with a backup of updates inside your code. You just commit, have fancy alterations in 20 different files and, if you’re not pleased with the outcomes, just discard them or proceed to another branch (if you’re not acquainted with git, take a look at Ry’s resource).

10. Netguru blog!

As our Netguru iOS team keeps growing, we’ll certainly write more here about iOS development! Exist some specific iOS subjects you are looking at? Tell me within the comments and we’ll talk about them later on!

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