Animation Company Malaysia

Animation Company Malaysia

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Third Place

iBrake Remote Braking Mechanism for children Bikes (Brick Compatible) by daveyclk

I was very astounded by the functionality and use of this animation company Malaysia. Also inspired by his children, daveyclk produced this design so he is able to control the breaks for his kids just in case of the emergency from as much as 100m away! It illuminates once the brake product is deployed and also the iBrick holds lego collectible figurines on the top. Who stated you cannot convey more fun and become safe simultaneously ??  He provides a detailed break lower of methods to assemble it around the design page. Congratulations – won by you a $100 gift certificate to Pure Cycles.

Second Place

Animation Company Malaysia
Animation Company Malaysia

Bicyclops : animatronics bicycle control by Koom

This awesome animation company Malaysia was inspired by animatronics along with a monster named cyclops! The cyclops eye follows the handle bars and blinks whenever you ring the bell! Visit a video of how it operates and directions regarding how to assemble it on his page! Congratulations – you’ve won $100 gift certificate to Pure Cycles along with a Wacom Intuos Creative Pen and Touch Tablet (medium)

First Place1

container_smartphone-flexible-mount-for-bike-three dimensional-printing-87395 (1)

Smartphone Flexible Mount for Bike by Sonia Verdu

If you want to bike to new places and like to apply your phone as the Gps navigation, this flexible phone mount will be handy. Sonia produced this flexible phone mount that actually works with a number of bikes and phones.  This is built to be printed with non-flexible filament and due to the dwelling from the design, it behaves flexibly! Take a look at her video from it for action.  Congratulations Sonia, you’ve won an application 2 three dimensional printer!


Congratulations again to any or all our those who win! Our staff will make contact with you regarding how to claim your prize. Big thank-you to definitely our sponsors Formlabs, Wacom, and Pure Cycles for sponsoring the awesome awards with this contest!