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Just One Existence / Joris Oprins

Ok, this can be a awesome one.

This is exactly what I call an ideal short It’s really short (under 3 minuets basically remember properly), it features a quite strong story, it uses animation directly into its potential also it provides an enjoyable go through the whole way through.

The video is all about a youthful girl who gets to be a record to her home, so when she plays it she finds out graphic designer controls time. In the future funny unexpected things happen inside a blaze of your time traveling goodness.

I truly loved the artistic style they opted for, It almost seems like stop motion puppets, although it is fully CGI. It’s very cartoony and charming.

I’m really impressed they could achieve this type of great recognition with your a brief film. It proves that the awesome idea will go a lengthy way.

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Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

What’s happening with Pixar? Did they forget steps to make great animated shorts?

Pixar have elevated the bar as to the an incredible graphic designer short is by using numerous Oscar wins through the years, however it appears like Disney required its place recently.

The final nomination they’d was at 2012 with “La Luna” which didn’t win, as well as isn’t a quite strong short for me. Disney continues to be kicking ass though with Feast with this year, Obtain A Horse this past year and Paperman the prior year that. All amazing shorts. Pixar’s last awesome short was Day And Night, however that was at 2010.

Duet / Glen Keane

Before studying, please first watch this unique short. Thanks.

Duet is among the best animated short I have seen. It’s completely hands animated by certainly one of Disney’s finest computer animators ever, Glen Keane (The Wonder and also the Animal, Tarzan, Twisted, Paperman and lots of many more.)

It informs the existence story of the girl, a boy and the dog, through one lengthy shot filled with choreographed movement animated with craftsmanship like little else.

So my real question is WHY maybe it was not nominated? It may be since it was openly launched on the internet and thus disqualified in the competition? I am not really sure, maybe if everyone possess a clue you are able to write it within the comments.