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OuttaMyWay v3 Currently Available!

Nearly 2 yrs within the making, OuttaMyWay v3 is finally currently available! It’s an entire re-write, however the application maintains all of the familiar features customers have started to love, plus a lot of something totally new.

OuttaMyWay!Supporting ios developer and above, OuttaMyWay has become native on all iOS products. Actually: even iPad! We’ve labored difficult to do this in a manner that ensures a top quality visual experience regardless of display size and keep how big the application in your device no more than possible. We accomplished this with a few custom drawing code which, in fact, also gave the application an enormous graphics performance boost.

IOS Developer
IOS Developer

We’ve had many demands to include the Rumbler sirens. Version 3 includes two Rumbler siren tones, along with the other tones ios developer in the past incorporated. We’re always searching for additional sirens to include (the necessity because we discover top quality samples). And we’ve got some other ideas on how to personalize siren use within the application later on.

The app’s devoted Siren Board continues to be revamped now permitting customers to configure not just which sirens’ buttons are visible but the size the buttons. The bigger your screen the greater with this feature.

As before, the application features a built-in Discussion Board operated by Helpshift. Accessible in the Preferences, customers could be directly in contact with Hawk iMedia to look our FAQs, inquire, or make suggestions. This really is the easiest method to call us.

During the last several days the application continues to be going through beta testing by several lights-and-siren-loving enthusiasts varying from kids to first responders. It’s been very exciting dealing with these individuals who’ve provided valuable feedback and great suggestions. An enormous Thanks is out to those fine people! (Testing was carried out using TestFlight, that was a perfect experience for all of us.)

We’re super excited to create this lengthy-anticipated update towards the Application Store. Hopefully our customers, old and new, will like it so we can’t wait to obtain everyone’s feedback.

Our Application Store assets now incorporate a video preview, a long version being available too. Please take a look. If you want a specific item, hopefully you’ll provide the application a go. Knowing somebody that might such as the application, we’d sure appreciate if you’d let them know about OuttaMyWay. Thanks!