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Here are the methods for you to sell your short straight to your audience:

Vimeo when needed

Most likely the simplest and least expensive solution for that less tech-savvy people, or individuals who doesn’t have a sizable audience. For $199/year plus 10% of the earnings, you’ll have the ability to sell your animated short on Vimeo. Much like selling on Amazon com, the large advantage this is actually the contact with a sizable pool of primed viewers, prepared to pay to look at quality 3d designer. Should you not have your personal audience, adding you to ultimately a sizable searchable supply of films may be a great way to find your clients.

Amazon . com / iTunes

I do not have knowledge about selling on these platforms, however i realize that lots of people rely on them. iTunes might get pricey (sometimes having to pay 1000’s to aggregators for posting your film) and Amazon . com can be used as free. You’ll need to perform a little more research with that if that’s the road you consider taking.

3d designer
3d designer

Sell for you website

This really is something I’ve more knowledge about. For those who have 3d designer personal site, and also have built some type of following, marketing your shorts straight to them. There are lots of tools for selling digital items, take a look at a couple of I’m acquainted with, either from personal use or from recommendations:

Easy Digital Downloads (A shopping cart software wordpress plugin for WordPress)

Gumroad (An excellent easy-to-use tool for selling digital items)

Woocommerce (Typically the most popular shopping cart software wordpress plugin)

Wistia (A higher-quality video webhost, for hosting your animated short)

Amazon . com S3 (Amazon’s cloud storage tool, for letting your clients download your film for their computer systems)


An indirect way to earn money out of your film, getting merchandize could meet your needs, particularly if your film is around the more adorable side, making plush dolls or pillow cases a practical factor to market. Sites like Society6 allow you to upload designs and then sell on a sizable verity of items with individuals designs. Everything from mugs to posters to hoodies.

For instance: Whenever we release Stylish we are selling a skill-of book with concept art, character designs etc. This is an excellent associated product for that film, supplying great value towards the viewer in addition to helping us conserve a sustainable business.