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t shows a Flash animation studio Malaysia how their favourite Flash tools and procedures match the Harmony equivalent.

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The very first twelve many years of my animation career (1988 – 2000) were within the traditional hands attracted field, in feature, tv, and games. My subsequent years (2000 – present) have until lately been centered by Flash.

This will make me a perfect become Harmony, as it’s targeted at both kinds of artist.

I learned Harmony for that explicit reason for teaching it, and accomplished it within my earlier course

‘Toon Boom Animate and Harmony Essential Training’.

This primary course would be a comprehensive summary of Harmony. However, Harmony includes a much steeper learning curve than Flash – due to the higher selection of features. Most Flash computer animators would like to get dealing with this program their first priority would be to recover all of the methods and methods they will use in Flash, or to obtain the least painful Harmony equivalent.

Animation Studio Malaysia
Animation Studio Malaysia

When utilizing Harmony initially, I discovered that my knowledge of Flash was frequently a drawback, as my ‘muscle memory’ and anticipations of Flash conduct harmoniously stored stumbling me up.

I saw several demands online from Flash artists, requesting a training course that will simply show the Flash tool, and also the Harmony version, therefore cutting lower time they have to become productive using the program. This grew to become the initial inspiration my latest course:

‘Migrating from Flash to Toon Boom Harmony’.

The program takes common methods and also the core tools, and shows the Harmony form of each. For instance, how you can create nested animation studio Malaysia for example lip synched mouths, steps to make puppets, how you can line figures, using colors, etc.

I suggest the Flash animator making the leap to Harmony will keep the program open inside a tab, on standby for that moments once they hit ‘brain freeze’ – for instance, when they your investment fine points from the line tool, how you can ink lines, or how to deal with the palette system, they are able to rapidly reference the appropriate movie, and on dealing with very little time lost as you possibly can.

I’ve named each movie within the new course through the relevant Flash tool or process, and never through the Harmony name. This is because the Flash veteran can rapidly discover the matching instruction for his or her familiar Flash techniques or tools.


Follow this connect to get ten days of free limitless use of This can also permit you to begin to see the course, free of charge.

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illustrator timeline glitch

Published on September 29, 2015 by dermot

If anybody can sort out this inexcusable illustrator glitchery, please tell me. I had been wishing to make use of PS timeline/animation feature to produce some walk cycles for any future Lynda course, however this glitch / buggery renders PS absolutely unfit for your task. Unfortunate, because I’d prefer to make use of the PS brush tools, as they’ll look much better in publications form. Well i guess.