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The Ten Blogs Every Old House Lover Should Follow

Would you fantasize about residing in (or renovating) an attractive vintage home? These blogs inspires your craziest dreams.
Old house enthusiasts are not the same in the average décor enthusiast. In which a “normal” person sees an abandoned pile of bricks that’s past its prime, a classic house lover sees only potential. Seeing past decades of grime, paint and terrible trends is similar to getting a superpower. Just browse around at any suburban neighborhood – for each lovingly up-to-date midcentury ranch, you will find a large number of McMansion-esque remodels. It’s unfortunate.

If you are the kind of person whose heartbeat quickens in the mere reference to “original particulars,” you aren’t alone. The web offers numerous home windows within the lives of individuals who appreciate the style of decades past – you just need to know how to locate them. This is a narrow your search of blogs featuring lucky everyone who is in the middle of (and have experienced) a redesign of the fabulous old home, or are simply simply devoted to hooking up others towards the vintage or historic house of the dreams in renovation company .

1. Retro Renovation

Blogs For Old House Enthusiasts – Retro Renovation

If you are enthusiastic about mid-century design, Pam Kueber’s addictive blog is the paradise. She’s covered from her very own vintage home redesign to list out after listing of incredible retro design sources. Also worth observing: The insightful “time capsule homes” (that are homes untouched after decades), that will inspire shameful levels of property envy. That can bring me to…

2. Circa

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – Circa

Okay, technically Circa is definitely an online magazine. But it has an abundance of content for individuals who appreciate old homes, together with a constantly up-to-date listing of old houses for purchase by condition. You’ll swoon.

3. Old House Dreams

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – Old House Dreams

This really is another site which will launch a 1000 property fever dreams. Here, you’ll find another constantly up-to-date listing of old houses for purchase. Individuals living around the shorelines require a trigger warning: You’ll uncover simply how much you’re getting scammed when it comes to property prices. There is also a jewel for less than $100,000 and curse your geographic location.

4. House Love

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – House Love

Talking about property and placement envy, here’s your blog that stories the storyline of methods one lucky couple obtained the offer a person can have with an unloved brownstone in Baltimore. (How unloved maybe it was? The area was formerly occupied with a fraternity. Need we are saying more?) The pair also fell for each other along the way of renovation company Malaysia , a tale which will warm your heart.

Renovation Company
Renovation Company

5. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

If you are searching for any laugh, beeline it towards the blog of Victoria Elizabeth Barnes. Not too she ought to be chuckled AT. You’ll rather laugh Together with her as she encounters the tests and tribulations of, say, overbidding (but still losing) on a set of giant garden urns in an auction and yet another bizarre moments that include the territory of remodeling a great Victorian from 1890. Her taste – and witty writing voice – are extremely on-point.

6. Vivacious Victorian

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – Vivacious Victorian

There’s just something about Victorian homes. They photograph superbly and therefore are full of incredible particulars. You will see plenty at Vivacious Victorian, which informs the storyline of the couple who’re working hard rebuilding their current home – and also have restored a couple of others. You want these were our buddies.

7. Old Town Home

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – Old Town Home

Another couple we’d prefer to become fast buddies with: The duo behind Old Town Home. Though they began remodeling their Victorian row home in 2003, your blog has an abundance of photos, DIYs and décor ideas.

8. Cabin Fervor

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – Cabin Fervor

This charming blog centers round the redesign of the 19th-century log home, that was began out like a neglected property foreclosure. If you notice the “Before” photos, you will be much more in awe of how gorgeous the home switched out.

9. The Builder Bungalow

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – The Builder Bungalow

If you are keen on the Builder style, thanks for visiting paradise. Although it also functions being an online magazine, The Builder Bungalow’s blog records cover gorgeous home restorations, finished with history in your mind. You’ll rapidly slip lower the wormhole of historic info – rather than wish to leave.

10. Housekaboodle

Blogs for Old House Enthusiasts – Housekaboodle

From celebrity homes to historic qualities, you’ll find photo after photo which will go right to your Pinterest boards. Obvious your schedule for the following hour and click on away.