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This layout includes a wide header that’s usually 960px lengthy and it has two posts: the first is wide, and yet another is narrow. The narrow side mainly functions because the navigation panel. Generally, in blogs, the navigation column is positioned around the right Website Designer. Uncrunched utilizes this layout.


Yearly adapts the 3 Column, Wide Header layout

Three Column, Wide Header. That you should picture this easily, this is actually the layout utilized by WordPress and Blogger. If you’re not offered to the thought of opting for the above mentioned-pointed out layout, here’s your next smartest choice. Since it’s name suggests, this layout consists of 3 posts. The 2 narrow posts are frequently employed for navigation purposes as the wide column is how the information is positioned. A large header is located on the top from the posts. See Gary Vaynerchuk’s Website Designer to understand how this layout appears like.Four Boxes. This layout is most typical to products and news blogs. It arrives with a large header that runs from finish to finish, another wide box which works as a header, and three posts that evenly occupy the screen. The big box is generally accustomed to showcase these products of the Website Designer or in which the content is placed. The Three posts can be used as product information, or secondary articles. This layout can be used by Flickr.

Website Designer
Website Designer


Siete de Febrero is a great one of the Undefined Grid Layout

Undefined Grid. This layout is heavily inspired through the common grid layout. It features a Website Designer-wide header which contains the navigational factors that are dispersed over the width from the site. Siete de Febrero is a site that has accepted this layout.


The Paper application Website Designer landing page is a great one from the Large Screenshot layout

Large Screenshot. This layout features a large screenshot that’s placed immediately underneath the header. Generally, you will find between 2-4 grid-based boxes following the screenshot.