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Web Designer Singapore

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And that’s it! No, I am not kidding, that’s really it!. The script assumes you utilize Apple’s prescribed high-resolution modifier (@2x) to indicate high density image variants on the img folder.

Should you remember the our non-Retina image is retina_image.jpg therefore it will appear for the Retina image retina_image@2x.jpg and change it whenever a user is browsing on the Retina display device.

Final Words

Retina Displays possess a higher quantity of pixels per inch than the usual normal display. Before uploading it for your server, it might be very convenient should you check first whether it contains high density pixels. If you are unsure, you should use other methods as way of alternative to your images.

Within this tutorial, I’ve brought to you other resources regarding how to enhance your site for Retina Display experience. I additionally brought to you steps regarding how to properly optimize your internet images for Retina Display devices. You should use each one of these methods to enhance your site and steer clear of website visitors complaining about the caliber of images on their own Retina display devices.Many thanks! Until the next time. Cheers!

Web Designer Singapore
Web Designer Singapore

Now you must seen some good UI styles and guidelines, we demonstrated you the way to optimize for retina displays. Within the next section we will have what you need to bear in mind to produce great design.

How with an Impressive Website Design

While it’s true that many people conserve a website simply to share with other individuals their passion and skills, it can’t be denied that websites are mainly intended for business. Because of this , why it’s essential for you to generate a remarkable website development that isn’t just attractive to your eyes but provides easy navigation to individuals visiting it.


For most people visiting your client’s page, the web site may be the physical store.Due to this, wouldn’t it’s proper to get making it more desirable and customer-friendly, in the same manner, that you’d do should you be a designer of the physical store? Hence, it can make lots of sense why you need to plan your client’s website development carefully.