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They are fonts which are available on the internet. These may be embedded in to the HTML Markup while using link tag supplied by the hosts site from the web fonts. Adding @font-face rule for CSS3 is really a dazzling idea for designers.


Web fonts like Google Fonts also result in the design workflow simpler since its not necessary to import your available fonts for your websites. You need to simply copy a bit of link code and you’re good.

&ltlink href=”http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Arbutus” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” /&gt


Good factor about web fonts is they work responsibly on modern responsive web designs. They provide web-site designers more freedom on their own designs without thinking how their fonts may be like on responsive webpages.

Web Design Sydney
Web Design Sydney

Web Fonts Sources

You should use the next services for the websites fonts.

Google Fonts




Using Sprite Images


When you are building large sites, you should minimize the quantity of images the user needs to download. Image sprites will help you make this happen just by putting several images right into a single image after which displaying them in your webpages just by altering the backdrop position.

You easily produce a sprite image in Illustrator. To learn to create a picture sprite for web use click the link.

Different Ways to Optimize Retina Displays

Besides the fundamental method of Retina-fying webpages, there are more methods to optimize your users’ experience on their own Retina devices.

CSS Media Queries

Letting Retina devices download top quality images every occasionally isn’t the ideal way. This makes webpages load slower. Fortunately, media queries can solve this issue for you personally.

Media queries image substitute technique can give your users convenience for your Retina images. Let’s apply this on the previous example.

Step One:

Produce a new HTML file and name it mediaRetina.html. Within the body tag, place the following code.


&ltdiv class=””imgRetina””&gt&lt/div&gt


Step Two:

After which within our internal/exterior CSS, place this code for the non-Retina image.