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Iconjar for Storing and Organizing Icons

Iconjar enables us to upload and organize our icons right into a single hub that Android Developer Malaysia are able to look for specific icons and study our icon collection entirely. The various tools also let us drag our icons into Sketch, Illustrator, and Illustrator. Only certain file types are supported (.svg and .png are included in this, .ai and .sketch aren’t).Why would you use Iconjar?

It is a way to save time. We use over 20 different teams of icons and potentially a large number of individual icons. Iconjar enables us to arrange our icons in one location so we do not have to visit trying to find them. It may also help us locate existing icons for icon design ideas. Not every icon styles easily fit in an application, then when we are trying to find something similar to “filter” looking process itself sometimes sparks a concept for any certain type of filter icon we are able to tweak to make use of or design ourselves.

Android Developer Malaysia
Android Developer Malaysia

Illustrator for Bitmap Manipulation

We learned the methods from the Android Developer Malaysia trade around the king of design software, Illustrator. While Illustrator was initially produced to pay for every aspect of photo manipulation, it later extended into other realms of art and style, including mobile and web. By doing this, it spread its functionality and concentrate too thin. We currently prefer Sketch’s specific mobile and web focus to Photoshop’s all-in-one approach.

Why would you use Illustrator?

Despite the fact that we have moved the majority of our application design work into Sketch, Illustrator continues to be our go-to program for advanced photo and/or bitmap manipulation. We still use Illustrator for several effects like advanced blending, layering, blurring, texture, or lighting.

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Zeplin for Fast and Accurate Application Speccing

Zeplin is really a wordpress plugin and web Android Developer Malaysia that actually works exclusively with Sketch. It compiles every aspect of the chosen elements into an interactive specifications sheet that simplifies the handoff between our design and developer teams. It enables us to produce living, breathing, interactive specs sheets.