Android Application Designer

Android Application Designer

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Why would you use Zeplin?

We no more have to hang about until the finish from the design tactic to give specs to the Android Application Designer. Rather we are able to generate developers earlier along the way and iterate around we would like. We have also discussed how Zeplin has drastically cut our speccing some time and improved our overall application speccing process.

Principle for Complex Application Animations and Interactions

Principle is helpful for presenting advanced interactive prototypes. Android Application Designer relies more heavily on timeline control, permitting more complicated animations and transitions.

Android Application Designer
Android Application Designer

Why would you use Principle?

Principle is yet another detour in the specialization needed to produce animations, transitions, and interactions in older, advanced programs like Framer after Effects. The depth of control Principle provides for us causes it to be more suited to creating, testing, and most importantly, presenting more complicated animations that concentrate on functionality, like navigation. We use Principle to provide a few screens having a specific, intense animation with other team people and customers. A few examples where Android Application Designer could shine include animating according to user input (i.e. dragging of the option causes it to change and morph) or creating exciting onboarding screens. You may also read our review and comparison of Principle versus Flinto.


Bonus: Pencil and Paper to get Perspective

We use pencil and paper, or pen along with a notebook, through the design tactic to list, sketch, and pre-plan ideas. The easiest associated with a tool, there is no real learning curve to jotting lower ideas in writing.

Why would you use pencil and paper?

Walking from the digital space is one thing that’s too frequently overlooked. It will help to little one distractions and sit using the project you are focusing on. It is also the quickest method to generate ideas and, more to the point, get ideas out. We depend on pencil and paper for any no excuses, no obstacles method of ideating.