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Any attributes beginning with data- in amp-ad are ad platform-specific attributes, such as the data-slot attribute within the snippet above. Each ad platform may have different attributes open to configure. For instance, compare the above mentioned DoubleClick example with another AMP ad example that utilizes the Rubicon platform:

For additional amp-ad implementation examples, take a look at AMP By Example. You may also browse the amp-ad documentation for that complete listing of supported ad systems as well as their configuration semantics.

They can also be developing newer, possible ways to create the advantages of AMP towards the ads ecosystem with initiatives like AMP for Ads and AMP Ad Squeeze Pages. These solutions will enable advertisers to create creatives and ad squeeze pages which are more in conjuction with the AMP experience publishers are getting to users. android developer feel this can bring us nearer to the aim of making the whole mobile web experience faster and for everyone.

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Android Developer
Android Developer

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Improve by doing using the Udacity VR Developer Nanodegree

Published by Nathan Martz, Product Manager, Google VR

With Google Card board and Daydream, our Google VR team is trying to bring virtual reality to everybody. Additionally to creating VR readily available using the smartphone in your wallet, we lately launched google’s VR SDK from beta, with native integration for Unity and UE4, to make android developer simpler for additional developers to participate the fold.

To help support and encourage new developers to construct VR encounters, we’ve partnered with Udacity to produce the VR Developer Nanodegree. Students will learn to create 3D environments, define behaviors, making VR encounters comfortable, immersive, and performant.

Even using more than 50 million installs of Google Card board apps on the internet Play, these are the beginning of VR. Students who complete the VR Developer Nanodegree improve by doing, and can graduate getting completed a portfolio of VR encounters.