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Unlike what you’ve read lately, professional web site design isn’t dead. Actually, the professional website designer is alive and well and clients are thriving.

While popular media outlets like are convinced that artificial intelligence and occasional cost WordPress templates are killing the occupation of professional app developer, they are headlines aimed at getting visitors or traffic and discussion. The claims derive from promotion and this is not on actual details.

Would you question the way i is really so positive about these claims? It’s simple. We’re human so we need humans to assist create an atmosphere where other humans can psychologically connect.

We’re Only Human

The web connects people and companies around the globe and usage keeps growing with every month, season, and year. While desktop website usage went flat, overall internet usage in general keeps growing at staggering rates. Customers have moved past the desktop and therefore are using capsules and cell phones to ensure that they’re associated with the planet.

App Developer
App Developer

So that as device usage changes and internet adoption develops, submissions are increasingly different and engaging. The web of products is hooking up humans and machines and virtually everything around us.

As lengthy as people search on the internet to discover good and services, professional app developer is a requirement of Business to business and B2C companies around the globe. I not just believe this within my heart, I understand this to be real since i live and breath web site design every single day of my existence.

Artificial Intelligence and Templates Cannot Solve Human Problems

Every week my team and that i help companies with WordPress development projects, but by doing this we don’t just create a website. Anybody can create a website nowadays.

In every single web site design project our goal would be to help companies solve real-world problems. These complaints could be traditional marketing and advertising issues or they may be problems in our client’s clients.